Our next litter is spoken for as we took limited numbers of bookings as plan to keep male from this litter
Check back with us end of August to see if any available.

Our second litter of year will be late fall litter.
Sandy we do not take early bookings on until breeding has happened

Also best to follow us on our facebook page as well

2017 is 14
years of breeding for us and to this date we still have contact with families from our very first litter

We do recommend putting $500.00 booking deposit down to reserve puppy once decide to get from us. Remaining amount
due at 8 Weeks, after puppies have had vet work
Will take  booking deposit once litter is born

Payment is done by email interac or bank wire transfer
Puppies have short vet check at 3 days old when dew claws are taken off. They have full puppy health check at two months
old and get their first Vaccinations/Worming and are also Micro Chipped at that time.
We send out puppies registration papers to registry, once they have gone to new homes. All our Cotons are registered
CFC "Canine Federation of Canada"  

Puppy's family can come pick up their puppy or they can have puppy sent by
Pacific Coastal Air/ Air Canada. If two puppies are going to same airport we can arrange for them to be shipped in same
crate together.  They fly nicely. Our airline flies to
Calgary or Vancouver only. Puppies must be picked up at one of those
locations. Due to delays in flights we only allow our puppies to be sent by air to one of those location.
Buyers from other locations must pick up from
Calgary or Vancouver Or can come pick here.
Winter and real hot summer months sending by air has to be done by weather. If it's to cold or hot they can not fly

Puppies well in our care get huge amount of people time. When not outside with horses we are inside with our Cotons.
They all have their own toy, blanket and get bones to chow on. They also enjoy sleeping in dog bed.
At 14 days old they will start to show some interest in mom's food. We will allow them to have few licks of food.
By 3 weeks they have started to eat a little of the food. As they get older they will eat more.
Moms normally cut the pups off milk by 5-6 weeks old, by that time they are eating their food and have food down for them
from morning until night. They really enjoy their bones so will always have one in room with them
By two months they are doing well, eating their food, playing with their siblings, cuddling with us and sleeping through the
night. They no longer need their parents. They are now ready to go to their new homes.
Families it is now up to you to look after your new family member
Our  Personal Code of Ethics:

Breed for: Happy & Healthy puppies (FREE of hereditary diseases.)
Parents health screened and certified by ON Veterinary college radiology section, eyes certified by DR Richard Christmas of 17th
Avenue Animal Hospital AB.  (patellas, bite and heart)  done by Tanglefoot Vet Clinic

Always vet check each litter before they ever leave our place to go to new homes

Always register each litter and make sure to keep good breeding records.
Names start with Mystery Mountain

Always keep in contact with each family and make sure that they and their Coton
are doing well together.

Keep our price reasonable and with in market value world wide.

When selling show/breeding dog making sure that they have desirable
quality that fits the breed standards. Also have health guarantee.

Helping new breeders when needed.  
Contact information
Jodi or Peggy Maki

Please call between 9am- 9pm mountain time
makijodi@gmail.com  or peggymaki@hotmail.com

Located in beautiful Skookumchuck BC "East Kootenays"
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